Knowing When To Delegate

Eben Pagan's Delegation Report

When it comes to your business, the majority of your efforts should be focused on making your  product or service more “buyable” and making your marketing more persuasive and memorable. That  means cutting out (not eliminating) the administrative stuff that distracts you from day to day.  Whether it’s dealing with customers, setting appointments or updating your website, administrative  tasks can quickly suck the income-producing potential out of your business.

Administrative tasks are also considered “low-value” work. In other words, they are the “to do”  items that have the least impact on your bottom line when handled by you. To get out of the rut of  being stuck with low-value work, you’ve got to delegate. That means focusing your attention on the  activities that produce the most value in your business.

Whether you are a new or mature business, the easiest way to delegate is to assemble a team of  individuals who can perform the more mundane, but necessary aspects of your business. These  individuals can take the form of virtual assistants, outsourcers/independent contractors or  employees.

There are several factors to keep in mind when putting a team together. For example, you’ll need  to determine:

  • Which tasks to delegate first, so you free up your time to do the higher-value, business-growing actions.
  • How to write an ad to attract a “super star” to work with you.
  • What to ask when you’re interviewing to find out what type of personality you’re talking to, and  how well they are likely to perform for you.

You can get some guidance on these and other issues in Eben Pagan’s free report on delegating,  outsourcing and hiring team members. In the report (accompanined by a video and worksheets), Eben  walks you through tips for getting things off your plate, so you can do more customer-getting and  business-growing stuff!

So if you’re ready to help grow your business by moving the low-value work off of your plate,  access Eben’s delegation report today. By simply refocusing your attention, you can experience an  amazingly long-term, income-producing impact on your business.

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