“Learn How To Grow Your Business To The Million Dollar Mark And Beyond With Accelerate High Growth Business Training”

Eben Pagan is opening the doors to his brand NEW program…Accelerate.

Accelerate is a business training program specifically designed for entrepreneurs. It consists of a series of virtual trainings combined with information products. The program concludes with a live summit in Chicago, allowing participants to learn from some of the most successful business masterminds in the country.

If you’re not familiar with Eben, he has built several multi-million dollar businesses. He got his start while working as a real estate and mortgage broker. It was during that time that he came up with the idea to write a book for men called “Double your Dating” under the pen name David DeAngelo.

The launch of “Double Your Dating” was a huge success in the dating scene and provided the foundation for a multi-million dollar enterprise. Eben went on to author several other books on dating, accompanied by seminars and video courses.

As a result of Eben’s success, he received multiple requests from customers and fans to disclose his secrets for building a business online. In response, he created and taught a host of business related courses to entrepreneurs, designed to help them duplicate his success. One of the most popular of these is his Altitude training program.

From building relationships to business development, Eben knows the formula for success. And his latest training continues to build upon the practices, tactics and techniques he uses to continually generate millions of dollars. In fact, Accelerate will help put your business in “high-growth mode.”

Who Is Accelerate For

Accelerate is for entrepreneurs and business owners who want shift into high-growth mode. In other words, the program is for people with aspirations to grow million dollar businesses and beyond.

So if you’ve been in business a while but can’t seem to reach your desired financial targets, this program will help get you there. And even if you are just getting started with your business, you’ll get the foundation you need to grow to the million dollar mark as you get established.

What You’ll Get

  • Accelerate starts with 10 weeks of webinar training with Eben to get mindsets in place and establish the appropriate structures in your businesses. Some of the topics will include increasing your productivity, maximizing the results of your marketing efforts and how to hire virtual and onsite allstar team members. You can expect exercises and reading material during this period to compliment the training and keep you honest.
  • The program ends with a 5-day live Strategic Summit held in Chicago in August that will feature a who’s who of top business growth experts. These are many of the same experts that have coached and mentored Eben.
  • As a BONUS, you’ll receive several of Eben’s high-end information products – including the Altitude program and others that have not been offered together as bonuses – EVER! The bonus package alone will contain video of events that the original attendees invested over $50,000 to attend.

In a nutshell, this program is designed and focused on the tactics you need to experience high-growth in your business.

The Guarantee

Eben offers a 30-day money back guarantee with Accelerate. So if for any reason you are not satisfied with the quality of the content you can request a full refund, essentially making the purchase risk-free.

Where To Buy

Accelerate will be released on May 20, 2013 for a LIMITED TIME. Registration is $4,997 during the initial launch. Thereafter, the price will increase to $9,997. And, if you purchase through my link, I will provide you with an EXCLUSIVE BONUS that will Compliment the Accelerate Training. Just click the link below for details:

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